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Casualife: Where Outdoor Living Meets Elegance

Posted by Tim on Dec 6, 2013 10:21:22 PM

Sometimes there are things in life that seem great in theory, but end up as anything but in actuality. Sure, the concept of a flying tank (for example), seems like a no-brainer…until you realize that it takes someone with no brains to try and actually turn it into reality. Likewise, the portable record player, cigarette umbrella and phone-answering robot were not objects that got their inventors mentioned in the same sentence as Benjamin Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton or Thomas Edison. As they say, there are times when great men stumble onto an ingenious concept and change the world; and then there are times where they realize there may be a reason why nobody has ever invented, say, solar-powered vacuum cleaners. So what does it take to turn an innovative concept into a successful endeavor?

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