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AZEK® Decking for a Deck Project on a Solid Footing

Posted by Ron on Apr 29, 2015 12:26:11 PM
What's underfoot matters, and it's always best when you're standing on something solid and durable. Having a "solid footing" is another way of saying the details are being taken care of and unexpected surprises will not happen. This idea is true both metaphorically, and in the case of deck surfaces, literally. AZEK decking is an excellent way to have your decking "on a solid footing": it's durable, easy to maintain, and attractive.

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Techno Metal Post – Unique Foundation Solutions

Posted by Tim on Jul 25, 2014 4:00:01 PM
Sometimes building a solid foundation can be harder than it looks. Just ask Bonanno Pisano (architect of The Leaning Tower of Pisa), Vespasian (founder of the Roman Colosseum), or Cover Girl (makers of some pretty subpar makeup products). Often, what you’re making is not as important as what it’s made of, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of outdoor renovation. Specifically, when it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects there are specific concerns that you will face along the way, whether you consider yourself a professional or not. And one of the key things you need to ensure for a successful building process is a sturdy foundation. Whether your project is a cottage, home extension, deck, or even something as small as a clothing line in your own backyard, having a reliable foundation to start from is the most important step.
Stability Means Everything

With that in mind, the next generation of structural integrity providers has arrived: Helical Piles. Often known as Screw Piles, Helical Piles are quickly becoming the most efficient and cost effective way to provide your project with a safe and sturdy foundation. Helical Piles are essentially a giant metal screw, installed by a professional technician using proprietary hydraulic machinery. The depth of the screw is determined by the desired bearing capacity, with the ability to support up to 50,000 pounds per pile. These Helical Piles not only guarantee that your project is supported by a solid base, they are also cost effective and provide shorter project times due to the ease of installation. This method of creating a foundation also helps reduce environmental impact generally seen during most construction methods, (by reducing soil displacement), which results is less transportation for excess soil, allowing for easy removal when the foundation is no longer needed. It literally is reducing our carbon footprint one step at a time!

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Nesling Shades: Casting The Perfect Shadow

Posted by Tim on Jul 2, 2014 12:33:15 PM
When people mention the word “dutch” several things immediately come to mind: wooden shoes, tulips, Amsterdam and dikes (just to name a few of the stereotypes). Mike Myers made light of most all of these in one of his most famous comedic roles, and the Dutch people are often visualized as little more than a caricature of all of these traits in the eyes of many. The world views them as an odd people, who spend all their time hanging out by red lights, eating “special brownies” and whittling a new pair of shoes every once and awhile.  But the Dutch are so much more than that! They make some of the best chocolate in the world, provide world-class healthcare services, and have one of the best National Soccer Teams around (undefeated so far in the 2014 World Cup…just sayin’). All that is well and good if you want to be on a game show or are interested in learning general world facts, but how does it equate to your decking and backyard space? The answer may surprise you, actually. In addition to all the great things the tiny country of Holland has bestowed upon the world, perhaps the most overlooked is its ability to innovate and engineer. Case in point: the new line of shade and shade-related products from Nesling.
A History Of Holland

New to the Canadian market and now available at The Deck Store, Nesling shades and canopies beautifully bridge the gap between style and affordability. Constructed using a patented design that blocks upward of 95% of harmful UV rays, Nesling is one of the most functional shading options available today. As simple as they are functional, these sail-inspired shades are manufactured from a rugged, HDPE fabric, and are designed to be used year round. Easily cleanable, mold resistant and simple to install, Nesling is the perfect accent piece for a trendy and cool seating area in your backyard space. They are available in 6 distinct and eye-catching colors, as well as various sizes to give you project versatility.

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The Deck Store's First Trex Elevations Steel Framed Deck in Ontario

Posted by Tim on Mar 20, 2014 3:18:52 PM

We are excited to share with you these pictures of the steel frame deck that we are currently building in Oshawa.
This is the first The Deck Store's Trex Elevations steel framed deck in Ontario!

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Alana Sky: The Beauty of Privacy

Posted by Tim on Mar 3, 2014 12:39:16 PM
Have you ever witnessed something that literally gave you pause? Maybe you were on a hike and came across an unexpected waterfall, were passing through a small Manitoba town and saw a collection of strange, giant objects, were driving through the English countryside and encountered Stonehenge (appearing just as majestic as it is out of place), or traveled to the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal to see the scalp and hand remains of the legendary Yeti firsthand. Whatever the occasion, your first reaction (after stopping to catch your breath from your travels), was always the same: you were speechless, your mouth naturally hanging open in both shock and awe (no, not that kind)…who knows, you may have even drooled a bit. And while entering into a backyard renovation is certainly not in the same league as seeing a UFO, the transformation of your space can sometimes be just as amazing.

Sights That Will Take Your Breath Away
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SHADOE® TRACK: An Acceptable Cheating Endeavor

Posted by Tim on Dec 6, 2013 10:05:57 PM
Throughout history, cheating has been about as prevalent as breathing, eating and taxes. Your siblings cheat at board games, students cheat on tests and exams, gamblers cheat at cards, and spouses cheat on each other. None are foreign concepts to mankind, and most are accepted as an eventuality no matter what the arena. In fact, numerous historical figures have propelled themselves into mythology and folklore due to the innovative ways they found to cheat others (not to mention finding a lot of fun in the process!). Names like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Harry Houdini, Robin Hood and even Lance Armstrong turned the art of cheating into lucrative lifestyles…while the likes of Ben Johnson, Enron, Richard Nixon, and the MIT Blackjack Team didn’t fare so well. But what exactly is cheating anyway? To most, it is defined as breaking the rules in order to gain an unfair advantage. If this is so, does it mean that most new advances in technology are “cheating”? Advances that might, say, help you to build a faster, longer-lasting deck?

Now let’s change the topic ever so slightly. After looking at that unsightly mountain of kindling you call a deck for far too often than you have cared to, you’ve decided to make the leap; you are ready for a new deck, an improved deck, a deck that has neighbors poking their heads over their fences to try and catch a glimpse of it. You have come up with the perfect design (hopefully with The Deck Store’s help!), selected your materials, shopped for add-ons and are now ready to go. Concrete and sonotube has been laid for your footings, the frame for your new masterpiece has been sturdily constructed, and it is now time for the cherry on your sundae: your surface decking material. Just like selecting the material itself, there are countless ways with which to connect your decking to its framing. The traditional method of screwing them into place gives you strength and stability, but leaves you with unsightly screw holes (which can become potential areas of rot later down the line). If you opt for a clip system to hold your boards in place, screw holes are no longer an issue…but you may have to groove boards or purchase specific systems that match your decking, which at times can get pricey. Lucky for you the good people at SHADOE® TRACK have already thought all of this out for you, and have devised a solution that bridges the gap between both worlds.

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For sure footing around your pool or patio surface, choose Rubaroc!

Posted by admin on Jun 26, 2013 11:24:51 AM

The invention of a substance called rubber brought about many changes in the day-to-day activities of modern man. No longer were shoes uncomfortable to walk in, steering wheels cold and unforgiving or tires chipping away in chunks of rock on the side of the road. Rubber also brought countless joys to children in the form of toys, balloons and squeaky oversized noses (all things parents wish had remained without invention, I’m sure). It was quite literally bouncing around everywhere! But there was one puzzle this magical substance could not solve, and that was being a meaningful contributor to outdoor living spaces. Until Rubaroc International arrived, that is.

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The Deck Store now offers advanced computer designs for your decking or landscaping project!

Posted by admin on Feb 17, 2012 8:50:46 AM

See our large assortment of deck ideas, 3D computer designs, pictures of completed decks and building plans. Whether you're going to build a deck, pool, patio, or garden, we can assist you with amazing designs and concepts.

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