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AZEK® Decking for a Deck Project on a Solid Footing

Posted by Ron on Apr 29, 2015 12:26:11 PM
What's underfoot matters, and it's always best when you're standing on something solid and durable. Having a "solid footing" is another way of saying the details are being taken care of and unexpected surprises will not happen. This idea is true both metaphorically, and in the case of deck surfaces, literally. AZEK decking is an excellent way to have your decking "on a solid footing": it's durable, easy to maintain, and attractive.

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Silca System: Backyard Sleight of Hand

Posted by Tim on Dec 17, 2014 1:42:53 PM
The ability to adapt is perhaps the most underrated attribute one can have. Often it is not the fastest, nor the strongest, that ultimately find success; it is the innovators, those who are able to reason their way around a noticeable disadvantage then end up championing the day. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is built upon this very principal; likewise for the likes of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Benjamin Franklin. You see for these men, the status quo was simply not good enough. There had to be a way to do things better, to connect science and society at a common pace, to live in the present while building for the future. These titans of technology made it their mission to bring the world to their innovations before it even knew it was ready for them (seriously, who thought they needed a tablet before Apple invented one??). Adaptation is the key for survival after all, not only in technological terms but with our very existence. This idea spreads into seemingly every facet of our lives, and the world of outdoor living is no different. Everybody is always on the lookout for the next big trend, no-maintenance product line or innovative design idea. And if you’re in the market for a backyard makeover, you can find all of the above in the revolutionary Silca System, offered exclusively at The Deck Store.

Get Your Cues From Nature

So what exactly is the Silca System, and why is it being mentioned in the same article as Microsoft and Apple? While on the surface those comparisons seem lofty and unachievable, the innovative vision behind all three is actually quite common. Simply put, the SIlca System is a way to revitalize and rejuvenate your yard quickly (and cheaply), without any major renovation work. Manufactured from high-quality, recycled plastic, the Silca System is essentially an exoskeleton for your deck…helping you to change from wood to stone or brick surfacing with ease! The key is the hexagonally shaped foundation pieces, which help to evenly distribute weight and balance surface materials simultaneously. Once this framework is in place, you can quite literally start stacking the stone of your choice overtop and VIOLA! You have just transformed your deck from wood to stone in a matter of hours!

Right now you might be asking yourself: Why would I want to change my wood or composite decking into stone? And while the answers may be endless, the advantages of this switch may surprise you. Firstly, stone is typically only a material choice for surfaces on ground level, due to its weight and rather limited flexibility. Second, it is considered by many to be a “luxury item”, and is only available to the average consumer at great costs. And last (but certainly not least), design options are often limited by choosing stone as your surface material of choice. Now comes the fun part: the Silca System was actually designed, tested and produced to alleviate all of those concerns, and to change the impossible back into the possible! You can now build with stone surfacing on elevated frames, such as patios, balconies or rooftops. The relative low cost makes owning a Silca System easy and affordable on most budgets, helping to bridge the gap between a luxurious feel and modest overhead. And design options are literally limited only be your own imagination! You can now use pavers, travertine, stone and brick as the walking surface to literally every space imaginable: pool decks, bridges, walkways, gazebos, porches and many more!

Want to learn more? Contact one of several design and sales specialists at The Deck Store today to get started. Because sometimes all your yard needs is a little sleight of hand.

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The Deck Store is there?? Jackpot!

Posted by Tim on Apr 30, 2014 10:33:54 AM

We’re all familiar with things like hidden costs and fine print (often too familiar), aren’t we? You know, like when you “win” something on a game show or a lottery, only to find out that your definition of winning and the contest holder’s vary ever so slightly. You’re thinking you just got a new car or vacation, and they’re thinking: we might have hooked another sucker! Salesmen utilize this technique as well from time to time, telling you all the things you need to know about their product or service, while keeping from you any potential negatives. But the good salesmen, the ones offering you quality, high-end stuff, have no need for this charade. Transparency is key for them, honesty and integrity the tools of their trade. They lay it all out for the world to see, keeping expectations realistic while forming authentic relationships. And in the case of these white knights from the business community, fine print can actually be a good thing! How you might ask? Well take The Deck Store, for example. Everybody knows they are the place to go for all your GTA decking and outdoor needs…right? They have built a relationship of trust in cities like Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, and Oshawa (most of which have showrooms by the way!), working with a variety of clients and budgets to build some truly unique spaces. But did you know that you can reap these same benefits outside of these areas…?

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The Ultimate Deck: The Future Has Arrived

Posted by Tim on Apr 1, 2014 1:02:28 PM
Have you ever experienced something that you knew could never be topped, no matter what may come along after it? Maybe you were lucky enough to have witnessed the final game of the 1972 Summit Series live, found the world’s greatest cheeseburger, watched a movie in the best home theatre imaginable, or visited the most expensive home ever constructed. These things give us pause not only for what they are, but more importantly, for the new standards they create. They inspire the next wave of outside-the-box thinkers to push their limits, try bold new things, and set industry trends. Somebody has to have the courage and vision to act for the betterment of the group, and when things go right, they result in a new category of game changers: “The Ultimates”. And the newest innovation to be enshrined into this hallowed class of elites? Prepare to meet the Ultimate Deck, courtesy of The Deck Store.

New Innovations in Construction
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The Deck Store's First Trex Elevations Steel Framed Deck in Ontario

Posted by Tim on Mar 20, 2014 3:18:52 PM

We are excited to share with you these pictures of the steel frame deck that we are currently building in Oshawa.
This is the first The Deck Store's Trex Elevations steel framed deck in Ontario!

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3D Deck Designing: It’s All About Perception

Posted by Tim on Jan 28, 2014 2:22:53 PM
Remember the first time you saw a 3D movie in the theatre? You may been part of the first generation of 3D, wearing those cheap cardboard glasses with the blue and red lenses, sitting dumbfounded by the vivid scenes playing out before you. Or maybe you’re a 3D rookie, not really aware of this technology at all…until a film like Avatar arrived. This modern marvel forever changed the way we viewed movies…so much, in fact, that 3D televisions and Blu-ray players are now common place in many households. For most filmmakers, the quality of the plot or storyline in these films didn’t change, but what did was the way in which they were able to present them to you. Translation? They figured out how to manipulate our perception of the things we were viewing, making us feel as though we had never even seen a movie before 3D was invented. They had tapped into a very basic human dichotomy (our senses), and used them to provide us with sensations and feelings we never knew existed. Soon, other industries were lying awake at night and wondering: what could 3D do for me? Well in the case of the decking and outdoor industry, it can do quite a bit actually.

3D Technology is Changing The World

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SHADOE® TRACK: An Acceptable Cheating Endeavor

Posted by Tim on Dec 6, 2013 10:05:57 PM
Throughout history, cheating has been about as prevalent as breathing, eating and taxes. Your siblings cheat at board games, students cheat on tests and exams, gamblers cheat at cards, and spouses cheat on each other. None are foreign concepts to mankind, and most are accepted as an eventuality no matter what the arena. In fact, numerous historical figures have propelled themselves into mythology and folklore due to the innovative ways they found to cheat others (not to mention finding a lot of fun in the process!). Names like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Harry Houdini, Robin Hood and even Lance Armstrong turned the art of cheating into lucrative lifestyles…while the likes of Ben Johnson, Enron, Richard Nixon, and the MIT Blackjack Team didn’t fare so well. But what exactly is cheating anyway? To most, it is defined as breaking the rules in order to gain an unfair advantage. If this is so, does it mean that most new advances in technology are “cheating”? Advances that might, say, help you to build a faster, longer-lasting deck?

Now let’s change the topic ever so slightly. After looking at that unsightly mountain of kindling you call a deck for far too often than you have cared to, you’ve decided to make the leap; you are ready for a new deck, an improved deck, a deck that has neighbors poking their heads over their fences to try and catch a glimpse of it. You have come up with the perfect design (hopefully with The Deck Store’s help!), selected your materials, shopped for add-ons and are now ready to go. Concrete and sonotube has been laid for your footings, the frame for your new masterpiece has been sturdily constructed, and it is now time for the cherry on your sundae: your surface decking material. Just like selecting the material itself, there are countless ways with which to connect your decking to its framing. The traditional method of screwing them into place gives you strength and stability, but leaves you with unsightly screw holes (which can become potential areas of rot later down the line). If you opt for a clip system to hold your boards in place, screw holes are no longer an issue…but you may have to groove boards or purchase specific systems that match your decking, which at times can get pricey. Lucky for you the good people at SHADOE® TRACK have already thought all of this out for you, and have devised a solution that bridges the gap between both worlds.

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WOLF Decking: The Definitive Guide

Posted by admin on Oct 15, 2013 3:39:05 PM
Depending on your point of view, mention of the word “wolf” can elicit a response anywhere from favorable to terrifying. If you’re a basketball fan from Minnesota, for example, you may associate the word with Ricky Rubio or Kevin Love. Movie buffs may hear this same word and have a different perspective entirely, perhaps of a Jack Nicholson horror film for the early 1990s or a classic cinematic creature. Those with military experience may think of a new form of terrorist attack, and those lost in the woods after dark may get thoughts of something far more sinister. Though all of this mental imagery seems perfectly justifiable to certain individuals, what if we sat all our subjects in a backyard space and asked them the same question again? Would their previous responses still come to mind, or could we perhaps come to a more universal conclusion? Well if any of these mental lab mice have recently renovated their yard, or are in the process of planning a renovation currently, then we would be willing to bet that the word “wolf” has taken on a drastically different meaning for them. That’s right, we’re no longer talking about a flesh-and-blood creature here (real or otherwise), we’re talking about an industry leader in the world of outdoor decking.

Why Choose WOLF?

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Dry Space: Combining Primal Needs with Modern Technology

Posted by admin on Oct 2, 2013 10:34:49 AM

Few things in life are as enjoyable as a pair of warm, dry clothes. Whether you’ve just gotten in out of a rain storm, are stepping out of the shower or are coming in from an exhaustive time spent shoveling snow from your driveway, a fresh pair of clothes straight from the dryer are like instant comfort. These garments wrap you with a sense of safety and security, and provide you with a level of contentment akin only to the completion of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle (imagine how accomplished you would feel after that!). In fact, the combination of these core feelings (warmth, comfort, safety and security) are as much a part of our DNA as our body shape and eye color. If you put them all together, they formed the essentials of survival for cavemen (and cavewomen), and are the basic formula in caring for a baby (well…them and milk obviously). With this primal and fundamental need in mind, it was of course only a matter of time before the corporate world recognized what prehistoric man had discovered centuries ago: these things are not just convenient to have, but are also very valuable. The idea of warmth, comfort, safety and security are a pretty attractive package to the man who has none of the above.

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Deck Clips: Old-Time Quality, Modern Convenience

Posted by admin on Sep 19, 2013 11:46:49 AM

Remember the old days when a trip to the gas station also meant an oil change, fluid top-ups, getting your windshield wiped down and having the air pressure checked in your tires? Or when there was a man in existence whose only job was to pick up and drop off glass milk containers from your front step? Think back to a time before big box stores and franchises, when coffee shops didn’t line every corner in town and when you could literally get a bagful of candy for five cents. Those were the best years of our lives weren’t they? Housing costs were low, wages were fair and manageable, and the foundation of society was simple, yet powerful: quality over convenience.

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