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Flexstone: Quality That Lasts a Lifetime

Posted by Tim on Feb 10, 2014 11:27:02 AM
Good, quality materials are the ones that always seem to last a lifetime. They are the constant centrepieces of our social gatherings, the rocks to hold onto in a storm, the Duracell batteries in our electronics (seriously, that bunny can survive anything). When you buy quality, you recognize and cherish it, going out of your way to treat it with the utmost care. Simply put, a lifetime item is something you buy once, and then never need to worry about for the remainder of your days (hence the name).

But such items are rare to find, and usually end up costing you a pretty penny. I remember during my university days having a friend who seemed to avoid lifetime items by any means necessary. I can’t even begin to tell you how many computers, cellphones, mp3 players, etc she went through in those days, all the while preaching to me mantras like, “I just needing something for now”, and “I don’t need anything fancy.” This line of thinking never made any sense to me at the time, and to be honest, it still doesn’t compute with me now. Why would someone want to buy something and know that it will break, erode or wither away? You might as well take your money out to you backyard and light it on fire!

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Topics: Flexstone, drytech, LEED, Coating

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