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AZEK® Decking for a Deck Project on a Solid Footing

Posted by Ron on Apr 29, 2015 12:26:11 PM
What's underfoot matters, and it's always best when you're standing on something solid and durable. Having a "solid footing" is another way of saying the details are being taken care of and unexpected surprises will not happen. This idea is true both metaphorically, and in the case of deck surfaces, literally. AZEK decking is an excellent way to have your decking "on a solid footing": it's durable, easy to maintain, and attractive.

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SHADOE® TRACK: An Acceptable Cheating Endeavor

Posted by Tim on Dec 6, 2013 10:05:57 PM
Throughout history, cheating has been about as prevalent as breathing, eating and taxes. Your siblings cheat at board games, students cheat on tests and exams, gamblers cheat at cards, and spouses cheat on each other. None are foreign concepts to mankind, and most are accepted as an eventuality no matter what the arena. In fact, numerous historical figures have propelled themselves into mythology and folklore due to the innovative ways they found to cheat others (not to mention finding a lot of fun in the process!). Names like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Harry Houdini, Robin Hood and even Lance Armstrong turned the art of cheating into lucrative lifestyles…while the likes of Ben Johnson, Enron, Richard Nixon, and the MIT Blackjack Team didn’t fare so well. But what exactly is cheating anyway? To most, it is defined as breaking the rules in order to gain an unfair advantage. If this is so, does it mean that most new advances in technology are “cheating”? Advances that might, say, help you to build a faster, longer-lasting deck?

Now let’s change the topic ever so slightly. After looking at that unsightly mountain of kindling you call a deck for far too often than you have cared to, you’ve decided to make the leap; you are ready for a new deck, an improved deck, a deck that has neighbors poking their heads over their fences to try and catch a glimpse of it. You have come up with the perfect design (hopefully with The Deck Store’s help!), selected your materials, shopped for add-ons and are now ready to go. Concrete and sonotube has been laid for your footings, the frame for your new masterpiece has been sturdily constructed, and it is now time for the cherry on your sundae: your surface decking material. Just like selecting the material itself, there are countless ways with which to connect your decking to its framing. The traditional method of screwing them into place gives you strength and stability, but leaves you with unsightly screw holes (which can become potential areas of rot later down the line). If you opt for a clip system to hold your boards in place, screw holes are no longer an issue…but you may have to groove boards or purchase specific systems that match your decking, which at times can get pricey. Lucky for you the good people at SHADOE® TRACK have already thought all of this out for you, and have devised a solution that bridges the gap between both worlds.

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Deck Clips: Old-Time Quality, Modern Convenience

Posted by admin on Sep 19, 2013 11:46:49 AM

Remember the old days when a trip to the gas station also meant an oil change, fluid top-ups, getting your windshield wiped down and having the air pressure checked in your tires? Or when there was a man in existence whose only job was to pick up and drop off glass milk containers from your front step? Think back to a time before big box stores and franchises, when coffee shops didn’t line every corner in town and when you could literally get a bagful of candy for five cents. Those were the best years of our lives weren’t they? Housing costs were low, wages were fair and manageable, and the foundation of society was simple, yet powerful: quality over convenience.

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Free eBook: 7 Ways New Materials & Technology are Changing Deck Designing

Posted by admin on May 13, 2013 2:53:06 PM

These days, shopping for decking materials is like trying to pick a unique grain of rice out of your bowl; they all look the same, feel the same, and generally all appear equal to each other. Though you may not be as picky when choosing a Chinese restaurants based on the uniformity of their rice dishes, you can ill afford to be as easy going about the material chosen to adjourn your deck. Let's face it, the investment is substantially more on your deck, and the longevity and satisfaction has to last you more than an hour. With that in mind, The Deck Store is proud to present you with an all-new e-Book "7 Ways New Materials & Technology are Changing Deck Designing" ebook. This publication aims to provide you enough valid information to make a more informative decision about your next decking project, while simultaneously bringing you up to speed on the advancements that have taken place in the industry in the last 15 years.

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New TimberTech Cortex Hidden Fastening System

Posted by admin on Sep 14, 2012 11:31:57 AM

TimberTech has officially entered into a partnership with FastenMaster® to promote and sell TimberTech Cortex Hidden Fastening System. This product will be added to 2013 TimberTech product line up. Company strategy is to build a strong hidden fastening offering by marketing our already popular CONCEALoc® alongside TimberTech Cortex as new COMPLETE hidden fastening solution. FastenMaster has created a well-developed and highly accepted plug system with their launch of FastenMaster Cortex. Due to its popularity and workability, TimberTech Cortex will be another successful addition to fastening line. TimberTech will actively promote the use of this product on perimeter boards and stair applications. Also company will continue to promote CONCEALoc as the primary option for the lion's share of the deck surface.

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