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Saber Grills: These Cats Have Teeth

Posted by Tim on Apr 16, 2014 3:38:26 PM
The life of the ancient caveman was often fraught with peril and disappointment. He had to fight for every meal, eat whatever he could find and learn to use his hunger as motivation. You might think that taking down a giant mammoth would be quite a feat, but this was only half of the caveman’s battle (although certainly the harder half). Once the beast had been slain, the caveman must quickly turn from hunter to butcher, before ultimately ending up as a chef. His primitive tools had a hard time cutting through thick mammoth fur and meat, and he was under attack from scavengers from the second his kill hit the ground. He had to learn to eat quickly and without seasoning, while also getting used to digesting everything raw (there was a lot of mammoth sushi on the menu in those days). He could not have dreamed of evenly cooked, mouth watering mammoth steaks at his dinner table…or cooking anything really, at this point. Fortunately for us all, man has evolved, and with him, so has cooking. We discovered fire (eureka!), invented the rotisserie and the microwave oven, and perhaps most importantly of all: the backyard grill. You might think that such advancement in cooking technology would lead us to some level of contentment and complacency; but you would be wrong. A company in Columbus, Georgia began to re-think the way we used our backyard grills, and as a result, a revolutionary product line was formed. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: SABER Grills.
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StoneDeck: The New Frontier in Outdoor Kitchens

Posted by Tim on Feb 25, 2014 10:56:13 AM
Ever wonder why the kitchen floor isn’t a rug, or even made out of carpet? Certainly it would be a lot easier to vacuum that space than to sweep it, and a padded surface would feel more comfortable underfoot. My guess? At some point in modern human history, somebody must have had to learn this lesson the hard way. There they were, dressed warmly and comfortably, slaving away on the stove preparing a warm, fulfilling meal on a cold winter’s night. They added the spices and the meats, slow cooking one of the most fabulous chilies that man had ever known (and there have been some good ones). The time to indulge was now at hand, but as our historic figure turns to transport her dish from stove to table…disaster strikes. She trips (probably on one of the kid’s toys), and starts falling in what appears to be slow motion, chili flying through the air before ultimately coming to rest on every conceivable surface. The walls and countertops can be wiped and saved, but the kitchen carpet? Well, let’s just say it is not a pretty image. More aptly, it is every homemaker’s worst nightmare (and the first thought that always pops to mind when watching guests drinking red wine near your white accent rug).

Let’s face it, unfortunate spills and mishaps are going to happen, especially in and around the kitchen. All of your major appliances are there (refrigerator, dish washer, sink, oven, etc), all the food is there, and more often than not…so are all the people. More and more in today’s society, the kitchen is taking on a greater social responsibility as well. Outdoor kitchens and living spaces are all the rage, and the ability to entertain and enjoy “staycations” is almost a must nowadays. So how do you toe the line between style and functionality, while simultaneously preventing as many kitchen accidents as you can? Well that, my friends, is where StoneDeck comes in.

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