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Fusion: You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate this rock

Posted by admin on Aug 26, 2013 8:25:50 PM
If you took a poll of the first image people thought of when hearing the word “fusion”, you would probably get back a myriad of responses in return. Some may picture a car made by Ford, others that razor with the really cool commercials, and more still a defunct professional soccer team from Miami. Science fans and ComicCon goers will have their own associations as well, and though these may lead more into the realm of geekdom (and more than likely conjured up while playing WarCraft and eating M&Ms), they are still forms of fusion in their own right. Though all of these may be an accurate description of the word, the basic foundation of it is quite a bit simpler. At its core, fusion is classified as the artificial combination of two things which cannot be combined naturally on their own. Perhaps the best example of this is fusion cuisine, which takes elements of different culinary categories and combines them together to create something new, fresh and unique (not to mention delicious!). Fusion is alive and well in the world of contracting as well, and nobody has wielded its awesome power and potential more than the Shouldice Family.

In business for 65 strong years and counting, Shouldice Designer Stone has made numerous contributions to the home renovation industry. Purveyors of fine stone options for everything from landscaping to residential to commercial and beyond, Shouldice is well known in the market for both great customer interaction and product innovation. One of the first companies to produce synthetic stone in Canada, Shouldice took the creative skills to an entirely new level in 2005 with the invention of Fusion Stone, a do-it-yourself masonry option.

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