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Deck Clips: Old-Time Quality, Modern Convenience

Posted by admin on Sep 19, 2013 11:46:49 AM

Remember the old days when a trip to the gas station also meant an oil change, fluid top-ups, getting your windshield wiped down and having the air pressure checked in your tires? Or when there was a man in existence whose only job was to pick up and drop off glass milk containers from your front step? Think back to a time before big box stores and franchises, when coffee shops didn’t line every corner in town and when you could literally get a bagful of candy for five cents. Those were the best years of our lives weren’t they? Housing costs were low, wages were fair and manageable, and the foundation of society was simple, yet powerful: quality over convenience.

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Don’t be fooled by imposters: This is Real Cedar

Posted by admin on Sep 12, 2013 2:02:04 PM
Some things are just better when they’re real, aren’t they? No hard feelings faux leather, veggie burgers or the makers of ePhones and iiPhones (yes, they exist…not surprisingly), but we like things to be exactly what they say they are. We like to bite into our hamburgers and taste real meat (sorry McDonalds), we like our DVDs and Blu-Rays to have pictures of the actual actors on the cover (did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Star Wars?), and we like to know that Rolexes we buy on street corners are authentic before we turn over our $50 (okay, maybe that one was blind ignorance on our part come to think of it…). That is not to say that there is no room in this world for replicas or cover bands, just that there is something about an original that makes us stand up and take notice. And the world of outdoor living spaces is no different. Take lumber, or specifically, cedar for example.

If you are drawn to the majesty that is the cedar tree, you are not alone. These lovable giants can assume many forms, and are often mistaken for firs or pine trees. But to the trained eye, these breeds cannot be further apart. Aside from the strong scent that quickly becomes apparent when in the vicinity of cedar, the lumber derived from these species is drastically different. And if beauty is truly judged by what is inside, than you might say that cedar is the most beautiful wood of all in the eyes of your backyard.

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